The Nike+ House of Innovation Experience


a very cool brand experience that is made up of a handful of challenges, exhibitions and environments that converge the physical and digital retail space for “everyday athletes” as they compete against each other and interact with the environment filled with some of Nike’s most innovative products and technologies. Seriously coo

VW Holland, the more you scream the more chance you got to win a ticket to the Olympics 2012

For Dutch people wanting to score tickets to the London Olympics to cheer their country, here’s your best chance yet with “Up! Holland Up!”. Volkswagen have created a sound/scream powered car and are giving you the chance to post your fastest 100m sprint time for the chance to win tickets.

Volkswagen have removed the all the foot pedals and re-configured the engine CPU to translate sound decibels into RPM’s to power the car, so that every cheer, scream, chant or noise helps to increase the power and ultimately speed of the car over a 100m race to give groups of Dutch Olympic supporters the chance to post ther very fastest time in their area and score Olympic tickets

Modern beauty in Singapore Airport ‘Kinetic Rain’

This creative art installation in the Departure-Check-in hall of Terminal 1 at Singapore Airport is way beyond modern beauty, a computer controlled, floating set of copper raindroplets called ‘Kinetic Rain’. this amazing idea is created by “(Art+Com) in Berlin.

Budweiser “Goal in the Dark”


from the creators of POOL ball great success, now they have GOAL IN THE DARK. as most men in the entire world have similar passions 1) night life 2) football

(yet am not a big fan of football, i am a martial arts dud )

Idea: they produced the first football/soccer match placed on the dance floor. And to make that possible, they created special suits that glow in the dark. Besides the football field, the (net) goal, the ball and the two referee cards also glow. A DJ was setting the music, the mood, while people enjoyed the party, drinking cool Budweiser. Finally, football came into nightlife.”



YouTube is looking for the BEST Vlogger ..

youtube logo

Youtube is announcing a new program to nurture the next generation of video bloggers. The Next Vlogger initiative is part of YouTube Next Creator — where, as the name implies, the site tries to find and mentor future YouTube stars. Creative program manager Austin Lau says he’s looking for vloggers who have already “put in some time trying to make YouTube work” and built a following, but who aren’t quite top-tier stars. The winners will receive $5,000 worth of video equipment and $10,000 worth of promotion on YouTube and elsewhere. They’ll participate in educational workshops with Google+, and they’ll receive mentorship from “top vloggers” like Justine Ezarik, a.k.a.iJustine.

You can apply for the Next Vlogger program here.

Unilever’s “Streets Ice Cream” happiness booth

Summer attracts all sorts of promotional installations and events, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one that rolled out a matrix-style 360 degree photo booth before! Well, Unilever’s “Streets Ice Cream” has done just that, with their “Share Happy Booth” that has been travelling across Australia as a sampling installation meets photo booth, allowing anyone who’s keen to jump in, the opportunity to get their very own 360 photo sequence posted to YouTube. Very cool work from Soap Creative.

Mohammad Merah,a French national of Algerian origin killing a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in France

Toulouse:  A man suspected of killing a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school and three soldiers remained holed up in a Toulouse apartment block surrounded by police for 12 hours, amid conflicting reports of his arrest.

While a police officer in Toulouse said the man had been arrested, Interior Minister Claude Gueant’s office denied it. The 24-year-old man has said he may give himself up in afternoon, Gueant said. The suspect, Mohammad Merah, is a French national of Algerian origin, who claims ties to Al Qaida, spent time in the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Gueant said.

“He doesn’t have any specific demands; he just wants to talk about his jihadist, mujahideen convictions, his Al Qaida ties,” the minister said. “The attack on the Jewish school he says was to avenge attacks on Palestinian children. He also wants to protest the French military’s international missions.”


Nokia Lumia: Augmented Reality Angry Birds

Here is the latest piece of the Nokia Lumia campaign that is travelling the world right now, an Augmented Reality Angry Birds Installation in Sydney, Australia, powered by the Xbox Kinect to create an interactive Augmented Reality experience where you can kick all the Angry Birds you’d like, along with a virtual dance off with Timomatic and a chance to check out a Kangaroo.

Dubai police (clown) chief launches attack on Egypt`s Shaik

Aside from me supporting the ideology of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt or not, I came across this silly Man`s comment on Al-watan Kuwaiti newspapers. And before that, a lot of international journals highlighted that this( Khalfan) dud said he intended to arrest a former Muslim Brotherhood icon. A spokesperson for the Brotherhood, Mahmoud Ghazlan, criticized the Dubai Police Department’s intention to request that Interpol arrest the head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars and former Brotherhood member Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Ghazlan said that the UAE “wouldn’t dare” make such a request .Qaradawi had previously criticized UAE authorities for deporting Syrians who protested inside the country against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and according to Khalfan this is a violation of UAE laws.

Before I write this post I thought I should at least watch some interviews with this man, let’s see how he talks and he handles himself, after all the dud has been there FOR 30 YEARS wink wink…do I see Mubarak #2 heheheh

And the result is….STAND UP COMEDY, not only that he cant compose a full Arabic sentence ,the dud can’t answer a question !!!!. the Man who claims that he is FULLY alert and will not let any OUTSIDERS mess with his country, had 3 major assassinations in Dubai. (Jan 2010 Mossad assassinate Hamas official ) (2009 suzan tameem someone slit her throat . Sound to me like your DUBAI is the play ground of the big players, and YOU have no clue…so please spare me the macho show…and SHUT THE FUCK UP

this is a link to the Hotel securty Camera  for Mossad assassinate

My opinion : I guess its not only UAE, it’s the entire Gulf area, they are so much afraid of these revolutionary movements , Take a look at title posted on Kuwaiti Al-Watan newspapers (any gathering for Egyptians in Kuwait will result in departing them and their families ).

Do I need to say MORE !!!!

BMW 1 Series: Projection Mapping Racing Game

BMW South Africa recently created an interactive projection mapping experience for the new 1 Series, in the form of a social racing game. The experience was projected to an area of just over 100sqm and allowed participants to play via Galaxy tablets after connecting with Facebook.

Players times were posted to the real-time Facebook leaderboard and shared with friends after their race, with the best drivers in each location winning prizes. While I love the concept of the installation, the actual race course and gaming experience seemed clunky from the video… And for BMW, you’d probably want something a little slicker, easier to use and more exciting?