A new gym in Kuwait “Rush Gym”

I stumbled upon this info on the “q8redflag Blog” looks like the place is a competitor for the Core fitness

I am going to take a look at it because  i am in desperate need find a gym that is either close to work or home ,i wish I can join Cornish but it’s just unjustified to pay 3000 $ for a gym . So the best thing is to get in to those new small ones hoping they can let me get my own Personal Trainer with me. Coz i just don’t trust any of those “wana be instructors “


3 thoughts on “A new gym in Kuwait “Rush Gym”

  1. Hi there! I know this post is so long ago, but did you actually join Rush Gym? If so, did you get satusfying results or know someone who give high praise to it? The thing is I have joined Core Fitness before, but it’s still quite expensive for a 7 week membership and a huge waiting line to get appointed to a trainer only. So I really need your opinion on this.

  2. Hi there! I’m also in need of a gym that offers personal training because that way it pushes me to work harder and that actually brought me some good results only two months into it when I was at a similar gym called Core Fitness. The downside of it was it was still expensive for a 7 week membership only and so I’m looking for a cheaper gym that offers the same services but also gives satisfying results. I know this post is so long ago, but can you tell me any reviews about Rush Gym or know people who have praised the gym and got satisfied with the results?

    • Well, the results depend totally on you and how experience your trainer is.
      I got good results because I was preparing for Mauy Thai and Aikido in Brasil , I actually worked out with my personal trainer in Oxygen.

      Rush is expensive like core and the parking is a huge problem also, so if u r not happy with results , change trainer , the gym it self has no effect on results .

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