Interview with the best personal training Diva from Brazil Marcia Novo lopes

Now am going to introduce a new category in humble blog , talking with and about people that i encounter in my daily life. I categorize them as stars, due to the fact that i learn from them something new .

First star in my life is Marcia Novo Lopes

Describe yourself in 6 words

Direct, Strong Personality, Optimistic, Open Minded, People Oriented, Emotional.

How would your friends or loved ones describe you in 6 words?

Strong, Modern, Courageous, exotic Trustable, Determined.

Where have you been around the world?

thats a long list l? San Francisco, California, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Hawaii, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Honk Kong, Macao, Bangkok, Dubai, Jeddah, Ryiadh, Kuwait, Bahrain, Cairo, Damascus, Budapest, Vienna (and other cities in Austria), Munich (and other cities in Germany), Rome (Venice, Firenze, Napoli, Milano), Madrid, London. In Brasil – Bahia, Amazon, Parana, Rio.

About Marcia professional life

Thirty years dedicated to Fitness. Continuously following up  the new tendencies and techniques to be updated. I started with Ballet  all the way to the anger release   of  Body Combat. I always study all possible ways to make the clients active and interested in physical activity, whatever it is.  

Lately I have been paying special dedication to Pilates and its applications and effect in our day to day life for all age groups

What is your personal favorite workout?

Well I won’t call it favorite; I call it my Passion, its SPINNING!


What is your opinion on the fitness instructors level in Kuwait 

The fitness instructors in Kuwait are curios fellows, with no proper education and knowledge on their profession. Unfortunately also the members in clubs know little about their own bodies, so the mistaken information are running free: drugs, wrong diet concepts, plastic wrapping on the body to lose weight, name it! All sort of myths are present in the fitness environment. 

Kuwait needs a good Physical Education College to have professional instructors (teacher in other countries) and stop the dependency on the “experienced” club members that become instructors. The lack of professionals created the low quality instructors in the clubs. The argument is also the same: I SAW IN THE YOUTUBE. We should sue the YouTube

What is the goal that most of your clients want to achieve (is it weight loss–building muscles –prepare for fitness sports) 

 mostly lose weight. Kuwait society has huge issues with obesity and will have more in the near future. Fortunately  population is attending clubs more ever year.

What is your advice for those ruining for surgery and drugs to drastically change their bodies 

: Two points to be approached here 1-Our bodies do NOT react according to party’s calendar. The changes have to be drastic and permanent, consequently SLOW. 

Crash diets, surgeries to reduce stomach or lipo aspiration will not change the way you think about food! The moment you connect food and pleasure, you are in trouble.

Family traditions are to be questioned, not swallowed. And the reason is WE ARE GETTING SICK with the amount/quality of food we eat because it is tradition. The only way to escape from obesity and diseases ,is to change the way you think about food. Or maybe review the pleasures you give to yourself. 

few last tip: FOOD IS NOT TO BE A PLEASURE; it is just to keep you healthy and alive!

And for the Body builders: why do you want so much to be the biggest/strongest men on Earth? Have you ever asked yourself why you expose your body to drugs that will destroy your body slowly (and its, proved by medical science) ? DO you really think people will respect you more or you will have more attention than “normal size” people? Open your eyes for your goals in life… You are living in Peter  Pan’s world. Time to grow up!

What was the reason you came to Kuwait

To  try myself in spreading fitness for diferent populations.

Now let’s get funky :)))  What would be the word that you would like to be invented by you? INTELLIGENT+PRO- ACTIVE+FIT LEADER. INTELLPROFIT LEADER???

A word that you don’t like to hear at all

WRONG!   Because there is no wrong… Everything depends…


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