A WiMax sleeve that allows your I phone to be 4G compatible

Few hours ago I was chatting with couple of friends about I phone 5 and I phone 4s, and WHEN are we going to be able to enjoy WiMax and 4G. Unfortunately   we always get these technologies SOOO LATE and I can’t claim I know why…all I know is that Zain has SHOWN off its WiMax in the info connect  with out any promises on “when will it be available”. My main point here is that our iphone 4 generation are not capable with Wimax and 4G broadband. Now South Korea has actually solved this issue. Thanks to KT’s new WiMAX sleeve for the iPhone. Dubbed the Egg, the sleeve contains an extended battery to boost the iPhone’s juice, providing up to five hours of 4G mobile broadband usage. As with any sleeve, the Egg will add 2.4 ounces (68 g) of weight and 8 mm of extra bulk to the iPhone 4.

If you prefer to keep your iPhone 4 slim, KT also released the new KM-MR100 mobile hotspot which provides 4 hours of WiMAX connectivity on a single charge. Both the iPhone 4 sleeve and the mobile hotspot are available for( 128,000 South Korean Won) = $120

[Via Engadget]


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