“XAFYR “A company that creates Mobile applications in Kuwait

As its been the latest  trend for business entities in Kuwait (creating an Application for I phone or Blackberry ) i want to highlight an experienced company that has opened  a branch in Kuwait  and its only dedicated in creating mobile applications.

The first Bank took this road was KFH.-Successfully i have to say- they created an I phone App and then followed it with Blackberry and multi platform. Then showed up the Zain app which was a complete disappointment. and lately i just came across the VIVA App. I have to say this one is a success. I managed to pay my internet through my I phone, also ii got the OSN App where you can actually renew your subscription, and don’t need to get the TV guide (it’s all on my I phone BABY). And now comes the question … Who develops these Apps?  How much it costs? How long it takes? How can i get in contact with someone who actually knows how to it?



Xafyr is a cross-platform application developer,specialised in multi-lingual iPhone, iPad,

Blackberry and Android applications. .We utilise cutting edge technology and years

of experience to build reliable, scalable multi-platform, multi-lingual solutions. Our methodology of establishing long-term partnerships with our clients means that we are always looking for ways to enhance and improve our products, which means a robust solution that will generate both traffic and profit.

Xafyr has created a lot of Apps and the most interesting one is this one that I have tried when I was in Cairo


City Stars Cairo Shopping Mall Catalog      

City Stars Cairo is growing to become one of the  Middle East’s largest shopping destinations. With  3 flagship hotels, and a 750,000sqm, City Stars is a shopping haven.To help visitors better find their way, City Stars  Required a mobile-based application that included a store directory and map.


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