My bad experience with Aramex

Now i am not always posting about personal experiences, but this one is just very annoying

I just got PUNKED by Aramex. I ordered an i pod strap to use it when i work out

The actual cost of it on Amazon is 7$ ,so me and a friend from work got one for each ,came another dud asked us to get some Headphones for him 42$ so the total would be 56$ which is 15 KD

After 3 weeks we had a call from  Aramex saying that our stuff are stuck in customs and WE have to go and release it  !!!!! (in my mind this doesn’t add up to hiring a courier ) so i grabed the phone used the skills  of PR bull shiting and voila …they  will do it but we have to pay 10 KD extra

Another 2 weeks …Aramex Man showing up in the office asking for 70 KD  ..Looks like they got our stuff from Amazon , and apparently Amazon has them stored on the MOON !!!!

WTF!!!!! The cost of shipping is actually more than double .i don’t know if i should get angry or laugh

I end up paying  10 KD shipping for a 1.5 KD item. When this bill came we started collecting money from each other (as it’s the end of the month and we are all tight in cash) the Aramex dud looked at me with an angry face telling me ( yallllla please, one of you pay me and then you people do the calculation later because i am parked 2nd line )

This is where i showed part of my ugly face and told hem literally to shut the fuck up and drop the attitude until we sort out his money

So if you want to summarise our experience

1)      Late shipment

2)      Getting ripped off by Aramex

3)      Bad attitude

Conclusion is, i do not recommend Aramex what so ever a s courier their services are extremely BAD and over priced


8 thoughts on “My bad experience with Aramex

  1. HAHA.First I want to clarify something Aramex of the best and cheapest companies you should know that the weight of the shipment through the site and also comes an e-mail shows the weight and the final price and the price of weight on Aramex site.
    Whene they deliverd your shipment to door they take 1 o2 1 KD for Customs.
    اما بالنسبة للي جالكم وبيقولك يلا دا شكلة بواب وانا عارف انك متتوصاش رزعتلوا

  2. Hello, i work for Shop and Ship, please email me the tracking number of your shipments and i will immediately investigate it. I assure you that i will get back to you very shortly with all the details. Also, i really appreciate you sharing your experience with us and helping us to continuously improve our service. Thx

  3. people still use aramex? wow, ive stopped using their services 2 years ago. i switched to MyUS, which is way better check em out

  4. i had the same bad experience from aramex the worst part is some of my items was delivered and some are stuck in customs and i have to pay for both tawice!!!! and again it cost more than what i got and the process is took more then 3 weeks!?!?! am still soo mad ?!??!

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