Mada WiMaX in kicking ass all ISP Kuwait

Through the 248am I came to know that MADA is providing a WiMax internet connection

And its wireless (no need for land line) so instantly informed all my friends about that, and they just RUSHED and got one, all the feedback I got from all users was GOOD. Question is . As I am not a heavy downloading person, would I need something like that ? I guess not Specially that I already have a 1 year contract with VIVA. But it’s just so tempting . with 10Mbps download rate

Can anyone explain to me in simple English what the difference between 4G and WiMax


4 thoughts on “Mada WiMaX in kicking ass all ISP Kuwait

  1. It sound good but I am sure it is illegal where mada don’t have the license of operation and to use the 2.5GHz band I am sure that there are many deals under the table to keep them working tell this moment.

  2. WiMAX is considered as 4G technology, if you check the android mobile phones in the US market, most of them comes equipped with 4G (WiMAX=802.16e).. BTW, because WiMAX is so popular in US all mobile phones vendors release their products with 4G option, but here in Kuwait it is the 1st operator with this technology..

  3. Simply, comparing WiMax and 4G is like oranges are to apples. The common part is that they are both fruits. 4G is 4th generation mobile technology. Wimax has been around for some time and uses towers or (repeaters) to relay signals to subscribers routers. Wimax is similar to any wireless router you place from any ISP, however, it is stronger in terms of power transmission and reception. makes sense?

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