ASUS (Padfone) For Both Smartphone and Tablet Users

i stumbled up on this interesting concept .  ASUS is firm supporter behind the concept of creative design thinking. A Padfone is specifically designed to accomplish a demand for both the Smartphone and tablet consumers. This innovative creation allows you to toggle effortlessly between pad and phone and the user can experience those best-fits of actions, at any time. Internet accessibility from the 3G network is established between the phone and pad and the data storage is sleek through a single storage band. The features are that the screen can be enlarged at any time, faultless changeover of applications between the devices, reduction in data transfer troubles with a single storage band. One SIM card can be used for both the devices. It can be used as an extended battery for charging phones. The user can have a great video conferencing experience and effortlessly share them with their family and friends

Asus Padfone

Asus Padfone

Asus Padfone


Asus Padfone



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