my experience with Mada internet

I went last night due to frustration and even though i am not in need for a fast internet at home, i just got me a MADA router, it just hit my mind that ,why should i always bother myself paying 6 KD per movie while i can download what i want un-censored and enjoy it on a surround system. So i became a Mada client and got me one.  Paid 60 KD and then (as usual I look at myself in the mirror and say WTF did you do that for) any how the speed of course is impressive. I watched a new movie (the priest) and downloaded couple of others Hangover2+ kung fu Panda 2 and will enjoy them tonight

Technically i had some issues with my windows (it just won’t connect) so I tried my other laptop and it just went smoothly, changed the password and I highly recommend it .


I got at work since our internet in the office is JUST SHIT and I and the boys are now enjoying


2 thoughts on “my experience with Mada internet

    • It’s a nice subject..Yet i guess downloading movies that are ALREADY available on line is not a big deal i guess..You should be surprised when you see these business owners who “for example” hold employees passports and make them pay him is they want to transfer to other jobs or leave countries…
      • Clients who lie
      • Managers who don’t have the guts to admit they did a mistake.
      • Police officer who abuse their Power
      • Hiring managers who are racist
      The list is long and painful…so i guess downloading movies is a walk in the park

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