Red Bull Racing: F1 Dominance

now this is what i call HARD CORE events


continues to dominate at a jaw-dropping rate in 2011. He’s taken the checkered flag in five of the six Grand Prix races this season. But it’s not just talent; it’s the culmination of years of plotting and planning.

Since Red Bull cofounder Dietrich Mateschitz took over the team and re-branded them as Red Bull Racing, they’ve been flying up the leader board on the world class racing circuit. In 2010, Red Bull hit the ceiling when Vettel took the Driver’s Championship, and in 2011, since they can’t actually climb any higher in the standings, they are just leaving their competition further and further in the dust.

Race-car driving is an arms race, and right now, Red Bull Racing has the best weaponry with their controversial exhaust-blown diffuser. With the best cars, best technology and best driver in tow, Red Bull Racing are the kings of the F1 world. Here’s a look back at how they’ve risen to the top.





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