Israeli SPY caught in Egypt

Yesterday i came across this news on the Egyptian newspapers and blogs; I don’t know how to even comment to respond to that. Is it real? Is he that stupid to have all this pics and videos taken for him without noticing that someone might get suspicious and link his old pics and get his ass!!!!

After knowing that the minister of interior was the brain behind the bombing of the church in Alexandria on the New Year’s 2011. I will easily say, this is a fabricated story.. Just use some your common sense, a SPY and there are lot pics of HIM personally at the military !!!

Now this is what was published in our media and what we know about him. There is more online about Ilan Grapel , the veteran IDF soldier wounded in Lebanon 2006 war and the graduate of John Hopkins. In 2006 Grapel was featured in NY Daily News ,Washington Post and also in Haaretz as the 23 years old Grapel from Queens,N.Y who were among the Israeli soldiers wounded in Lebanon war.
The young man from Bronx joined Hasbara and learned Arabic to defend Israel in anti-Israeli environment. Here is a screen cap about the Israel project’s media fellowship in Summer 2008 slideshow.In 2009 he was working as analyst and author for theAustralia/Israel& Jewish affairs council “AIJAC” and he wrote this article in “The Australian” attacking the Green left weekly for standing with Palestinian cause and accusing it of supporting terrorism. Green Left weekly had to defend itself of course in front of that attack.  During July 2009 he opened a twitter account that he only used it twice to speak about his attack on the green left.
Based on these facts Grapel is an Israeli/American , I do not know if the American embassy will interfere or not.
In his own Facebook profile , Grapel claims that he preaches in Al Ahzar .Allegedly he claimed that he converted to Islam.There were photos for him in Al Azhar. It is claimed that he tried to penetrate the Muslim brotherhood.

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