Things happen for a reason

Yes things happen for a reason , I guess I can relate a lot to this great speech Steve jobs once delivered  in front of thousands of fresh graduates . the part when he said , you can only makes sense to the strange events of your life after you link the dots, and you can only connect the dots after you’ve already passed by them .

I am exactly living that right now , some unexplained events happened in my life and its just taking me some very far land. Its been always a request . I have been asking for this change for very long time. But a question just popped up, I have worked in all type of industries, and all ended up the same. My enthusiasm fades away once I encounter stupidity or injustice. What guarantees I will perform better if I move to south hemisphere ??

I guess its not only moving that I need, its also discipline So here it goes

I am going to be the example of high performance and discipline in any job I get.and maybe its what I need to learn


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