Jailed for tweeting in Kuwait

I was expecting something like this, let’s say I should have expected this earlier .

Once when I posted about SPALOON owner who trade in residencies  and refuses to pay the suppliers of his salon their money , and once when I was locked up coz I posted about Flex  owner who beats up his employees and make them pay him 2000 KD if they want to get their passports back .

And now this. A young man has been locked up, Nasser, as per the Mideast foreign policy newspaper Abul posted on events in nearby countries, with some postings criticizing the ruling families of Bahrain as well as Saudi Arabia. The particular tweets in question included off-the-cuff remarks calling the Saudi and Bahraini ruling families “impure,” criticizing their crackdown against anti-government protesters in Bahrain, and describing them as interchangeable pairs of bathroom slippers. He provoked the wrong people when he criticized the Gulf monarchs’ club and their efforts to stifle dissent.

And now he is still locked.

Abul faced physical abuse at the hands of government authorities, and has spent a nightmarish two months in detention with no end in sight. It began on June 7 when Kuwait’s state security department called Abul and ordered him to come in for questioning. When he arrived, officers questioned him and detained him overnight. His lawyer said the officers beat him, shone bright lights in his cell to prevent him from sleeping, and insulted him repeatedly, mocking him for being a Shiite. The next day, they transferred him to Kuwait’s state security prison. For the next several weeks, Abul was only allowed to see his lawyer and family only when he went to court.

I have nothing to say actually, I only pitty our human rights in a country like Kuwait.

That’s why I left

read full article FP website


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