Apology to all my Kuwaiti Friends

Few days ago a posted a video about the conspiracy that is done by Hosni Mubarak’s brother in Law when he ordered to kill my Uncle and my cousin. I Said the I wasted my life in racist country like Kuwait..this was a mistake to generalize such a horrible thing. I have actually hurt the very very few people from this country that I respect and they do respect me also . I was angry and upset, and I believe it takes a man to confess his mistakes

And I want to mention them as I will always love and respect them

1)      my mentor Shaikh Hamad Al Sabah the CEO of Microsulotions Advertising agency  a live example for  a PRINCE

2)      Marzouq Adel Al Ghanim Owner of quintessentially Kuwait. A real gentleman as per the book say. Fine manners  and well educated

3)      Dr. Zalzalah who is in the parliament now, he used to teach me statistics in University

4)       My dear friend Abdullah Boftian, an example of discipline and ethics

5)      Mohamed Al Awadhi the Digital account manager for Wataniya telecom  in Impact BBDO  lots of love bro J

6)      My dear college friend Nasser J Marafie….amazing well educated man

As for the polices officers that had fun giving me fines ,taking my driving license. locking me up just coz they have a friend who asked them to do so . to the Boss who fired me after he got a call from a diwaniya friend asking to kick me out .coz I disagreed with him in front of a crowed.

All those  treaded me with discrimination.  What goes around comes around, One day you’ll pay for that crap. I am finally over my HATE


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