Sao Paulo ,Brazil with a Quintessential eyes

In 2006 I had the chance to work in Quintessntially Kuwait, stayed there  for 2 years

And that was one of my best JOBS ever. Now that I am on Sao Paulo I was digging about Q office to  fulfill my curiously. And I found it. I wish I can  be part of this office but apparently they have a full team. For those who don’t know what I am talking about Go to  it’s a huge website with 1 million link. You will got lost inside for sure.  To simplify it. Imagine you decided to travel to a country where you have never been before. When you want to know where is the best Hotel how much, restaurant , to be able to know which night Club is the HIT and how you can get in there (because usually there is LIFE LONG waiting list). Tickets to Eric Clapton’s Concert !!!! or maybe front row seats for  the next world cup games!! It’s a matter of a phone call.

 Last year the Q office in SP was absolutely silent and no one knew anything about them

Now it looks like they are pumping energy . Summer is close and they have suggested a kick ass hotels where you can just ZONE out and going to try some of them  ( IF I CAN AFFORD )

Hotel Fasano

this is a hotel called SANTA TERESA

this is a small CITY called Minas Gerais. i went there and visited the “Green Mountain”  Mote Verde

the following pictures are from a recommended destination By Q Brazil , called Chapada dos Veadeiros in the Central West region of Brazil i have not yet been there, but I AM going to 


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