Scenes From Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution

This is a very bumpy ride.. talking about a revolutions for a great country like Egypt
Is not an easy task. Also keeping my own opinion on a side and trying to be neutral
Is NOT what I am intending to be . This country is just going through a lot in a very very short time . after 30 years of suppression. People finally reached the LIMIT and bursted in anger
And then PEOPLE IN POWER miss calculated the POWER OF PEOPLE , result was “game over Mubarak” . Egyptians wondered if what had happened was a popular revolution or a military coup — whether they had traded one military regime for another, one that would perhaps govern in partnership with the Brotherhood.?? The presence of Muslim Brotherhood. became HUGE as well as the new players “6th of April party. Free Egyptians party, and the list goes on….of course the west led by USA are terrified from the Name ISLAM or Muslim Brotherhood. They have been in this Parliament game since 1930
Until they were banned from participating in any official political event.

Once this revolution happened it was like a happy meal for a hungry KID. They utilized their ability to organize matters and it was pretty much obvious that they could defently win a big part of the parlimint seats.

Suddenly 1 week before the elections date of the parliaments….a huge erupt happens
Who organized ??? why ?? there is a list of answers,, but the truth remains hidden.

Personally I don’t KNOW wither it was wrong or right . I don’t know who is the most efficient person to be elected either as president or as parliament member . this is actually the same situation people are facing “well educated ones” specially .

I only hope this country gets back to its glory …an enormous presence that forces respect in any human once its name is heard EGYPT

here is some of the most amazing pictures taken



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