Andes Beer – Why to lie when there is Teletransporter ?

Now , this is an idea that you can’t even imagine someone would think of it (guess what ? some did -Andes Beer .Argentinean brand). Remember when you sometimes wana hangout the Boys or play football or grab a beer ‘in Kuwait that would be the DIWANIYA” but you are stuck with a Birthday party for some you don’t have much to talk about with him or her. Anyhow. This is it . WHY Lie while you can Telepath . you can just open a Door and tell ur Woman. BABY I AM THE HOSPITAL or am In a meeting and you will have all the surrounding sounds playing .


This is the evolution of this Kick Ass idea ,again they have made impossible possible, if boys or girls are forced to go to unavoidable social commitments like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other dreadful events they can be rescued by the rescue team depends on what they select. There are different options like Firemen, Magician, Toxicology etc.



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