Application to help you PEE….YES…to PEE in a clean place :)

CLOO’ from Hillary Young on Vimeo.

Oh dear… There’s an app for that! Well, now I’ve pretty much seen them all. CLOO’ is the new socially connected community based toilet finder app, designed to help you avoid dirty public toilets by finding private toilets in your social network that you can pay to use.

It works with people registering their Loo’s on CLOO’, which syncs with all the most popular social networks, to make that bathroom available to friends of friends at any time, for a small fee. Then, if you are out and about, say, in NYC, and you need a clean loo, then just open the app, and it will map the closest community bathrooms to you, and from there, just submit a request, it will be delivered by a push-notice, and you’ll get a confirmation or rejection back! Enough said


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