Talking about my Blog posts, and followers from Israel

Lately all my posts  are about ads and social media articles , honestly whats there to blog about more than that ? well there is a lot actually but its not THAAAAT much interesting for me you know  . Also I have to say  i personally think, BLOGGING about a sandwich you just had a bite of, is like a sin….do you hear me Mr.Frankom and (Mark 248AM) thats why i took them off my RSS feed ..Any way . I also deleted some Postes about politics, unless I am talking about Egypt,then I guess I should take care WHAT I say here. After all, this blog was the reason I had to leave Kuwait in the first place.I found 4 people actually subscribed to my blog From Israel !!!! i wounder what are they following in an Egyptian Muslim Blogger`s posts ? . One if the things am in the process of learning is (co-existing) in sao pualo. As there is a huge misunderstanding. People think that ALL Muslims HATE Jews. and that wrog wrong wrong. we just do not approve the Zionism, and this is Not a religion, this is politics .

Any how…I will try to add some variety.the thing is, i dont like talking about personal stuff. I would only share experince with some sort of service, technology , opinion about a brand and stuff like that. but personal issues !!!

Peace. Am out


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