the best free online video grab app (agora você pode baixar qualquer vídeo que você quiser de graça)


It has happened to all of us once in a while. When it’s not there, we miss it and wish he had kept it for later use. Yes, I’m talking about online videos. We see a video online that we like, but there isn’t a way to keep it stored so that we can access it without using the internet; while we’re on the move, for example. Besides, internet connection speeds can be a real headache at times and it can be extremely irritating to the user to let a video buffer completely before it can be viewed without worrying about interruptions. Worry no more, because help is at hand thanks to a new website called

This website, in essence, grabs video files from websites which stream video. It supports almost all popular websites and also a few relatively obscure sites. The technique of grabbing a video is rather simple as well. The user just has to go to the website and type in the address of the page which has the video. The website then does its magic and provides a download link which contains the video. It can be downloaded in a number of formats like Flash Video and MPEG-4.


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