participar na maior e mais criativa a idéia de (Vodka Absolut) Absolut creativity by Absolut VOdka

Agora você pode participar na maior e mais criativa a idéia de (Vodka Absolut),baixar o aplicativo para iPhone e transformar qualquer parede próxima a vocêpara Um trabalho de arte para (Vodka Absolut)

This is where you see the (Absolut creativity ) bu Absolut Vodka. They’ve attempted to create movement called Absolut Inspire, an Augmented Reality Street Art App designed to create a new world without creative limitations.

The campaign is a fusion of the Google Street View platform combined with an app that allows you to create your own digital street art anywhere in the world, all seen through the augmented reality viewer. Sure, there are a bunch of concepts out there like this, but the integration with the brand and bottle is great, and I’m really glad the next generations of creative are already digital…


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