Current situation in Egyptian Presidential elections, Egypt might turn into another Iran

Ok now it’s some Politics time

The world know that Egypt and in the first time for 30 years, will have presidential elections . SPEC has announced the results of the first stage of the presidential elections held on May 23th and 24th officially from few minutes ago and they are as follow:

Mohamed Morsi: Representing Muslim brotherhood 5,764,968 votes

Ahmed Shafik: representing the Mubarak Era 5,505,327 votes

Hamdeen Sabbahi: Liberal + socialism 4,823,273 votes

Abu El Fotouh: another Muslim brotherhood Muppet 4,650,239 vote .

The runoffs will be between Morsi and Shafik . Not a big surprise, actually it’s a big disaster .the reason is

a)     If Muslim brotherhood rules this means that our president is a just a toy in the hands of “Morshid AL Gama3a”or the Head of Muslim brotherhood. And only God knows what is planning for. and it will be another copy of Khumany way of controlling Ahmady Najad

b)    Their main goals are not the wellbeing of Egypt it’s the rise and control of Egypt and other countries as well.

c)     If Shafiq handles the presidency, this is going to be even a bigger problem because this man has been accused of stealing public money, selling lands to Gamal Mubarak and let’s not forget he was Mubarak Prime Minister …WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I personally wish EL baradie was there, but the man just realized that this entire election thing is just a small PLAY. The SCAF (military) wants to keep things under their control so they organized a well-directed PLAY and people actually bought it. It is SAD very sad




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