what do we have left to blog about ?


I guess some how, this question popped up some where down the road for every blogger . and as you all in Kuwait know that 248AM has actually left his JOB in a kick ass advertising agency and pretty good job position to BE A BLOGGER for living . it took the man long time, he started blogging by 2003, and as i hev been living in kuwait i know for a fact, you CANT live if you are doing less than 1000 KD (3,000 $) from rent to food to mobile bills and internet and day to day expenses am sure our friend is making around 3 to 5 times that . GOOD JOB but my question is .

Blogging topics  

Well, as i personally see it . the quality of a blog post is not to be taken lightly. Its very competitive out there . if you are talking about Kuwait , the market is way much easier than USA or Europe or Brazil . first of all you need to be with eyes wide open for all the NEW STUFF happening weither its Music,TECH,Politics or what ever els. Some popele choose to be writing in ONLY one line of subject. and its just not me. i like to mix and match . I also don`t like those who keep on writing ALL THE PERSONAL stuff that happens to them. Sometimes I get a huge amount of RSS FEEDS (over a 2000) and i just cant read all , so i scan as fast as i can and add a link the most interesting topic. Blogs like ( Lifehacker ) or (Wired) are just something amazing in thier amount of topics and variety of news and the actually benefit you gain from just passing by their BLOG.

at the end i guess i just need to think out of the BOX and see how can i solve this issue of not being able to BLOG on a daily base



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