Lazy to take note in a meeting ? there is an #IPhone #App for that

iPhone Screenshot 1

Now this is a great solution (have not tried it yet) but i am one of those people who really really hate taking notes ,even though i know its extremely important and it have many times paid for not doing that . but thanks to Steve jobs and Iphone Apps. it became much more easier and interesting. through lifhacker i found this

All you have to do is open Dunno, jot down a quick note, then wait for a few moments. Each note will be automatically augmented with relevant images, web links, Wikipedia articles, videos, and more. It won’t attempt to outright answer a question like Wolfram Alpha or Siri, but it might save you a few moments of searching through various web services.

iPhone Screenshot 5

Your notes and links are automatically synced across the Mac, iPad, and iPhone applications, all of which are free from their respective app stores.

Dunno for iOS | iOS App Store via appstorm

Dunno for Mac | Mac App Store via appstorm


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