The new #Egyptian #constitution might be drafted by Fundamental idiots

Thanks to our amazing news Blog  Bikya Masr i am able to follow up the situation on Egypt after i had given up watching the you tube news channels as they really made me depressed and

CAIRO: Egypt’s second attempt to begin the drafting process for a new constitution hit a snag on Sunday as liberals walked out of a meeting to choose nominees for the 100 person panel to write the new document.

They argued that Islamists were attempting to take a number of seats on the Constitutional Assembly that had been allotted for secular members.

The move comes only two days after the ruling military junta and 22 parties agreed that Islamists would take half the new assembly’s seats in the drafting process.

Lawmaker Emad Gad of the liberal Free Egyptians Party said in comments published by The Associated Press that liberals left Sunday’s meeting after the Muslim Brotherhood – whose Freedom and Justice Party control Parliament – and the ultra-conservative Salafist al-Nour Party attempted take 50 of the 100 seats on the panel for themselves, and then push other Islamist parties into the places meant for seculars and civil society.

The constitution’s writing was delayed earlier this year when liberals pulled out in frustration with Islamist domination of the panel.

The lack of a constitution has left many frustrated over the future of the country and worries continue to abound that the secular-Islamist divide in the country is increasing tension and creating a stalemate in government.


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