Guaraná Antarctica -esqueca sua X namorada ( soft drink from Brazil prevent you from calling back your X )


Aqui está uma idéia super legal de Guaraná Antarctica, que recentemente lançou o app Blocker (X- namorada)  para o iPhone, que dá amigos as ferramentas que precisam para ajudar o seu companheiro de coração partido superar um ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. O aplicativo, criado pela DDB Brasil, blocos de números de telefone do ex para que o companheiro de coração partido não pode chamar seu ex.

Here’s a fun app idea from Guaraná Antarctica, who recently launched the Ex-Lover Blocker app for iPhone, which gives friends the tools they need to help their heartbroken mate get over an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend.

The app, created by DDB Brazil, blocks the ex’s phone number so that the heartbroken mate can’t call their ex, if they do try and make the call their friends will be informed so that they can intervene and save their friend from making this mistake. The app also releases reminders of facts that caused their friend to suffer. If, even with all these incentives, they decide to make the call anyway, the app posts to Facebook that the mate is about to call their ex. This is a fun way for the brand to engage with their target audience. Do you like the idea?


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