Changing my attitude towards life

A man that is changing my attitude towards life Dr.Mustapha Mahmoud. ( if you wana read his Mustapha Mahmud  info ) but this man has wrote 89 Books, talking about philosophy ,Islam ,Politics, science  and he also did create some short stories, and theater 400 TV episodes of the most famous TV episode (science & religion ) . So, re-reading what this man wrote , having an access to what this man thought of when he was atheist and then a deep believer,  the nonstop battle between the man soul and the man’s NEEDS and desires ,(which I call them voices ) made me really really Stop every thing . And re organizes again. Re-priorities things.   I can’t say I have actually reached Inner peace, or I got all my questions answered. But I can say this. I see things much more different now.


For those who love reading, and are willing to really dive deep in to the REAL meaning of life

Here is where you can find his books  ( Facebook Group )



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