How to make choosing easier ?

When was the last time you had this ( WAAAW i never know that before ) Moment ? this question hit me long time a go, so i decided to act upon it , I looked in to starting an MBA or a Master`s degree, but as you all know. It needs a lot of money to get a good education . Long story short, I came a cross as an answer to my prayer and its a free higher education from STANFORD,TORONTO AND ALONG LIST of respectfull universities in Europe and America. and then i just felt like my brain just CANT have enough !!!! ok now what ?? what am i gona do…. this is a portal that i have planed to gove it 1 hour dailly of my time to learn Something new. It is our duty as Muslims to Learn and share what we learned and also benefit from it . so Lets start with

How to make choosing easier


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