الطبعة الأولى– الموساد ينتج فيلماً يسىء للنبي محمد Anti-Islam Movie

OK, how many times this thing has to happen, and how many Lives has to be lost as a result for such an idiotic and actually very insulting act like this Film. I had to remove the link of the Film because it was offensive, and I am trying hard not to talk about this issue, but every time I switch on to CNN or any Egyptian Newspaper, I see this subject taking the entire highlight. These Zionists will never stop these childish behaviors???  If it’s a war that they are asking for, it will come, there is no need to such things, it’s all written in our Holy Qurans and the result is well known to all of us Muslims.

This stupid actress participated in something she didn’t even KNOW about it  !!!! are you that stupid !!!!


One thought on “الطبعة الأولى– الموساد ينتج فيلماً يسىء للنبي محمد Anti-Islam Movie

  1. Here is a different perspective:

    The New Middle East War: 101
    Some religions in the middle east area teach that it is not only ok to kill certain groups of people, but it is “your duty”.
    Western religions teach that “thou shalt not kill”, but the institutions of those regions socialize the concept that “it is your duty to kill certain people for the country”.
    One can read in the paper, daily, about religions which socialize people to play with rattlesnakes, marry underage children, practice polygamy, eat human body parts, hate certain skin colors, and engage in other practices which some find unusual. Studies have found that it only takes one month to socialize a person who would never have previously considered engaging in such things to do those things. It takes much, much longer to stop them from engaging in these activities once they have been socialized. To put this in perspective, middle eastern and western groups have been socially programmed to hate and kill each other for over 60 generations. When you talk about these issues with one side or the other, their eyes often glaze over, they lapse into deeply tense angry rhetoric and it is clear to the outside observer that hate has been “programmed-in” and common-sense is not a key stimulant in the conversation. Common logic, history and scientific studies prove that this is unlikely to change in your lifetime.
    If control-interest Iranian’s, control-interest Palestinians and control-interest Arabs over the whole region are socially conditioned to hate the religious beliefs of Israel generally, hate the business interests that support Israel and hate the location of Israel, then the situation has a natural evolution towards inevitable conflict.
    “Negotiators” and” diplomats” are generally from Ivy-league schools, trained to think on highly evolved levels and usually just missioned with delaying the “bad thing” from happening on the current administration’s watch. They are not part of the “general public”. The general public are not part of the negotiators negotiations so the negotiators always have large involved talks in hotel conference rooms, make deals and then find that none of the public care about the deals or sign on to go along with the deals for any length of time. A current leader, on one side or the other, may get a few months of uptick in the polls but, otherwise, nothing changes.
    Counter to the negotiators and diplomats are the business interests who make billions of dollars off of materials and services contracts from each war. These business interests are always pushing for ways to start the war because they make money off of the war.
    The oil companies bribe the politicians in the US and middle east to put profits before public-interest. The oil companies corrupt and toxify the areas where they drill, abuse workers and bribe to maintain policies which benefit the oil companies and hurt the public interest. A recent oil industry case in Ecuador, of many thousands of examples, has documented this in great detail. Oil companies see Israel as “a place to keep fighter jets to control their oil fields.” This creates additional bad blood.
    Western companies see Israel as their outpost in the region from which to monitor and protect oil interests and western cultural interests. This creates additional bad blood.
    Some of the largest and most powerful lobby groups in Washington DC are war-profit business organizations and Jewish owned business ventures. This steers US policy in directions that upset Palestinian, Iranian and Arab populations. These lobby groups tell politicians what to do on a daily basis.
    Iran has advanced technology and production resources. Iran has supported other political groups in the area with large ongoing efforts that have had productive metrics for their causes. Based on this, a number of groups in the region, and interest area, have given Iran an unofficial status as the provocateur- of- note.
    Iranian control-interests have stated that they have a goal of vaporizing Israel into non-existence. Unofficial Arab special-interest coalitions encourage this goal, “unofficially”.
    Iran, the U.S. and Israel have been at war for some time. Assassinations, bombings of facilities, cyber-bombing of facilities, drone actions and field actions have been underway for some time and are now widely reported in the media. Over $300 million dollars of profit has been gained, in the last 4 years, by western companies, contracting services for the Iran conflict that is already underway.
    Iran has all of the materials to launch a dirty bomb attack on Israel at any time. Iran may, shortly, or today, have the materials to launch a thermonuclear attack on Israel.
    If anybody bombs the Iranian facilities it will release a dirty bomb-like nuclear fallout debris powder cloud across Iran so it will be the same as a nuclear attack on Iran. Iran has publicly stated that an attack on Iran will launch a full reprisal. These facts have put all parties in a very bad situation, essentially: either way you could get a nuclear war!
    Israel and Iran want to engage in the war but the odds of either side surviving are not good. The western companies who make money on war want a war to make more money in contracts. The two parties in Washington have people who want to delay the war to help one candidate or start the war to help the other candidate, but neither is fully certain they can control the outcome.
    The middle east economics are failing. This makes sudden and large scale public unrest more likely and more unexpected. Even the smallest event can set the whole thing off.
    As recent history has shown, politicians will not address a known issue until the week before the issue will cause a total failure in a system. This will not do for the middle east situation.
    Based on all of these extensively documented facts, there only seems to be one unpleasant, nearly unthinkable and inextricable, outcome and the possibility of that outcome is increasing geometrically EVERY month.
    So, everyone can delay the outcome for as long as they can, but one must recognize that sudden turns of events could suddenly hasten it.
    Or, groups could join to do a positive, yet also nearly unthinkable, new thing.
    What is the new thing?
    Could it be to move Israel to avoid devastation? Move Palestine? Create a new religion? Stop using all oil? Create an international new country? Buy Iran?… ? While these types of ideas may , at first blush, seem outrageous: How outrageous do they seem compared to nuclear war and the ensuing doubling of world-wide cancer caused by it?
    What is the positive solution that would be so drastic, shocking and novel that it would save millions of lives?
    What do you think it could be?

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