Agencies in #Kuwait,#Egypt and #Brasil Please Read !!! What is Integrated Advertising

You can spend thousands and thousands on a marketing campaign, at each and every touch-point in an effort to succeed, but that could not ensure it will be a successful one.And as consumers are daily bombarded by thousands of ads, they also found a way how to avoid or ignore them. What is important and how  to engage with consumers? Is it the creative part of the ad that matters the most? Or a great copy? Or something else?

It has been said (or written) many times before, but it’s important to mention it again:

Nowadays brands have to engage with consumers rather than just to advertise to them.

There are many touch-points and many media types in the mix what can, with a simple logic, mean – more media/touch-points equals more money spent on the campaign. But this is not always true. And should not be.

It’s more about integrated marketing/advertising. Thinking about what can be achieved on a (tight) budget, selecting the right places and media channels. What also matters? The big idea which is the center of it.

What is Integrated Advertising?


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