Millionaire Boy Racers of London ( racial profiling against Arab )

comparing the nuisance the brits do when they go abroad. The binge drinking, fighting, public disorder after drinking more than they ever could. These arabs are more well behaved than those piss heads.All i see is old racists not being very thankful. it’s not everywhere you can see one of the most rarest cars in the world.

yet on the other hand, this young man is welling to give a way his COUNTRY just to get a good weather and view !!!! patriotic huh ?



احا عالضحك The Mozza” “العلم و الإيماو “المزة

The only thing i can suggest is, you need to watch this video alone. and you need to be an egyptian. because you will make a seen laughing


#Hitler Clothing Shop In India

The shop in Ahmadabad, the main city in Gujarat state, opened last month with a huge sign reading “Hitler” and a Nazi swastika inside the dot in the letter “i.”Shah said he received dozens of phone calls asking that he rename the shop. Israel’s consul general in Mumbai had also asked state officials to intervene.

Shah says he didn’t know about Hitler’s history,( What the FUCK , who on earth dont know that !!!!!)  but people in the city say the name was a marketing gimmick.