Aikido – 7Th Dan Yoshimitsu Yamada – Instructional


campaign in Sao Paulo ( put a smile on your face )


Sao Paulo is very famous for its huge traffic issues. Thousand of cars cause dozens of kilometres of traffic jam every single day in town. Most of the drivers listen radio for hours, while they are fuming from stress

This video-advertisement [Portuguese] was published by a Brazilian company called Brastemp in São Paulo. They transmitted the same message on 11 different radio stations at the same time, asking for people to smile for the driver of the car on their side. It quickly became a contagious trend and everybody started to smiling to everyone. That was an admirable and creative way of input something good into the tough routine of many Paulistanos. Congratulations!

Changing my attitude towards life

A man that is changing my attitude towards life Dr.Mustapha Mahmoud. ( if you wana read his Mustapha Mahmud  info ) but this man has wrote 89 Books, talking about philosophy ,Islam ,Politics, science  and he also did create some short stories, and theater 400 TV episodes of the most famous TV episode (science & religion ) . So, re-reading what this man wrote , having an access to what this man thought of when he was atheist and then a deep believer,  the nonstop battle between the man soul and the man’s NEEDS and desires ,(which I call them voices ) made me really really Stop every thing . And re organizes again. Re-priorities things.   I can’t say I have actually reached Inner peace, or I got all my questions answered. But I can say this. I see things much more different now.


For those who love reading, and are willing to really dive deep in to the REAL meaning of life

Here is where you can find his books  ( Facebook Group )


Learning Aikido 合気道 in Sao Pualo

Since I moved to Brasil and suddenly I became fascinated with Learning something new. Beside the new language , I suddenly found myself reading 10 times more in philosophy and politics, also my hunger for a different workout routine and something more challenging led me to Aikido and May Thai. Today I got myself the First Aikido Kimono . U never had one before. More and more I am becoming fascinated by the precision and details this Art has.

Aikido is defined as The Art of Peace  or the translation if the word is  “the Way of unifying (with) life energy,  after the 1 &1/2 hour class I always sit and talk to my (Sensei) and hammer him with questions , why this why that, why not this…ect , a chance for me to practice Portuguese and also to know more about Aikido.

This Art started by  Morihei Ueshiba , as my teacher said that, Aikido was at the same era of Karate and Kung-fu. While people started reaching a hi level of Martial Art ability or power, some have used this to actually harm others, it kind of made them go Evil as they have this POWER. So this man (Morihei Ueshiba ) wanted to teach people something that puts down this ego they have , so Aikido was the result. It’s the Art that has no Attack techniques . its al about How to defend yourself by redirecting your enemy`s energy and save yourself as well as not Harming the attacker. That fact made me feel so happy

Its is really really and amazing art