Bin ALi is back to Tunisia …. caught on Video


ClikThis a new APP to Control Any Screen With Your Iphone

now this is beyond amazing ,I was like a kid cracking up laughing for no reason when I tried this. its is as simple as this, any Computer Screen you have, just log on and off course you need to download the App on your iphone. once you have all that ready, your mob will read the Bar-code and TARAAA your mobile now has total control on the screen.

Kuwaiti detained for 21 days for his tweets


while i totally don’t agree with any one making fun of someone else religion or believes. i also cant understand, how could you end up in jail coz u said what on ur mind on Twitter !!! i saw this article today..

“Facing a prison sentence as a result of statements made on Twitter seems to have become the norm in Kuwait. Kuwaiti Twitter user Mohammad al-Mulaifi could be joining the ranks of Nasser Abul and Mubarak al-Bathali who both served prison sentences because of their tweets. Today, reports have emerged that Mohammad al-Mulaifi was detained by the Kuwaiti secret police over a week ago, with the public prosecutor detaining him for 21 days pending investigation. Al-Mulaifi has been accused of insulting the Muslim Shi’ite minority, which in al-Bathali’s case led to a three year prison sentence.”

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how I know that banks in Kuwait Suck ??? by using Itau bank

One of things that I really wanted to blog about once I came to Brazil is the banking services and how easy it is. of course due to the high crime rate in Sao Paulo, Banks are considered the number 1 target for armed robbery. So to control the damage, they have actually reached a level where you do not need to visit the branch ever. “Unless you are going to do some paperwork”.

From the Atm you can

A)     Pay all your bill “whatever it was” all you have to do is bring the bill, scan the bar code of the bill at the ATM and then pay .

B)      You one Card and this card you can activate “debit and credit” so no need to carry many cards

C)       Every new client. get a specific amount of “automatic loan “ yes the day you receive your ATM card you already have 700R$ in your account . once you use those your balance will show -700 and of course you have to pay them back.

D)     Online and smartphone apps that allows you to transferee, pay bills apply for a big loan

Seriously, this is what I call banking. And talking about security steps…I have to say I got bothered about how complicated it is, but keeping the crime rate in mind, I guess they really know what they are doing .

Now when you see this and you look back at NBK and Gulf bank and you feel like its war between giants!!!! Seriously that makes me laugh

Abdullah Bot10 sky jumps.. a big Hallo to Abdulaah Boftain

An amazing video by one of my best friend Abdullah, advertising the Skydive Dubai. Have to say this young man since we were studying together and worked together, i have never seen some one with his superb politeness and positiveness. honestly Kuwaities should be proud they have a gentleman like Abdullah. the dud is always smiling,always in a positive mood “i dont know how he dose that” and the nice thing is , you will never find any one that said any thing bad about him..100% successful example of a hard working MAN ..wish you all the best bo7amani