what is #BigData and #wolframAlpha and why its better than #Google

Good bye search engines and welcome #wolframAlpha  ,

well here goes my wish becoming true 🙂 yes since I was a kid ( 20 years ago) I always look look at the computer as this magical machine that has all the answerers for all my questions. and as i was so bad in mathematics and statistics , i was always hoping to find answers to formulas there .Now as the term Big Data became very much like the FASHION of this new info connected world,we now have this amazing internet tool

log on http://www.wolframalpha.com


Facebook Ad Campaign: Things That Connect Us

Here’s Facebook’s first advertising campaign, ‘The Things That Connect Us’ due to roll out to over 13 countries around the world, celebrating 1 billion users by looking back at the physical things that connect us, and how Facebook is now enabling the same.

some of the most Creative Brand Pages On Google+

If you want to see the best ways to use Google+ for your brand, here is a collection of the best Google+ brand pages out there.

The  largest drinks brand  and the world’s most recognizable brands has over a million people following the page. Content only gets updated every few days though and it often follows what it’s doing on their Facebook page.

One of the largest chocolate brands in the world have over two million people following them and it focused largely on Olympic themed content over the last few months. It updates on a regular basis, but do be warned that you’ll be hungry if you follow this page!

It was obvious that a few Google’s products would make this list and YouTube is well up there as one of the best brand pages on the site. The YouTube pages demonstrates a perfect understanding of how brand pages work from its cover photo to its updates.

Alongside its creative use of its cover photo, the Brazilian airline makes sure that all its posts are visually appealing so discounts, offers and ideas are done through some stunning imagery.

This has to be the most beautiful page on the site with lots of video content from its races and the factory mixed in with pictures of its stunning cars. Content is updated on a regular basis and it has a large engaged following.

Another car brand with more than a million followers and its cover photo on the social network is a little bit special as you can see. Its focus is similar to what it does on its other social profiles with an eye on design, stunning images and talking about how their cars are made with such precision.

When you think of classy brands, Aston Martin is the one that comes to mind and its content maintains this image. From brilliant interior shots to sharp videos, everything about the page fits into its brand image perfectly.

#IPhone 5 absolute FAIL

Ok its the topic that ALLLLLLLLL the news chanels and the Tech blogs are talking about.the New IPhone5…Guess what , this one really made things a bit easier for people to SWITCH to android. There is no significant change or innovation in this new one. i have been trying IOS6 now and i cant stop beating my self every time i use this silly tomtom map application .


Google: Introducing Agile Creativity

Google is famous for its Agile process and now they are attempting to bring that world of experience to creative agencies to help them find an edge and create a more fluid creative/innovation process to keep up with the digital age. In a new site curated by Think With Google, you’ll find a range of Agile Creativity tips and tricks from the world’s best agencies to digest… What do you think?

Set Bing Images as your Desktop Wallpaper

bing desktop search

The Bing homepage features a new image every day and there’s a new utility in town calledBing Desktop that will download and set these images as your desktop background automatically. Thus, if there’s a new image adorning the Bing website, your desktop wallpaper should change as well.

Bing Desktop is however more than just a wallpaper changing application. The real purpose of the app is to provide you instant access to Bing without having to launch the web browser.

Press the Windows Key + H keyboard shortcut and the Bing search box will pop-up right in the center of your screen. It can auto-complete your search queries – just like the search box on the Bing website – and hitting Enter will show the search results in your default browser.

I don’t get to use Bing very often because Google is the default search engine in all my browsers but with Bing Desktop installed, I hope to hit Bing more frequently than before. There’s also an easy hack to help you quickly switch between Bing and Google.

Bing Desktop is compatible with Windows 7.

This amazing POST is the work of our friend from India Digital Inspiration