#Instacube: A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos

launched just a few days ago, and already smashing through their $250,000 backing requirement,Powered by an Android OS, the Instacube is a 600×600 digital photo frame of sorts, connected to the world via your wireless network, and designed to constantly stream your Instagram feeds directly to the screen, coming complete with a button on the frame to ‘like’ your favourite photos.



Introducing Instaglasses: Instagram For Glasses

The Google glasses project hasn’t had the best reception so far as, quite frankly, they look a bit ridiculous. And now they’ve just been blown out the water by the coolest hipster accessory (soon to be) around: Instaglasses. You only have to look at them to know they’re instantly cool:

The idea behind the glasses is that you can immediately apply Instagram-style filters to photos you take with the glasses, via a 5MP camera attached to the side of the frame, and 2GB of memory to play with. Simply activate the camera on the glasses and scroll through filters to see how your photo would appear in real time.

Unfortunately they are only concept glasses right now, but you can register your interest on their site to find out when/if they’re launching.