IOS 6 problems and solutions ,Error 3194

After along stressful day I finally managed to restore my fucking IPhone.

I have never been this angry before. On April the news of IOS 6 started circulating and then appeared that there are some website that allow you for 5$ to download the IOS6 beta. As it was my first time, I was very excited to do so, soon to realize that IOS6 is a total disaster, especially after the disappearance of Google maps. Few months passed and the official IOS6 is on iTunes,  nothing special for me except the fact that ( the website that I paid them to use IOS 6 beta ) didn’t inform people that you need to upgrade to the new IOS6 once it’s out ,coz your beta will be expired . So out of the blues I have No IOS and once I connect to the ITunes, it gives you an error 3194 (only aliens and GOD know what that means) I cant restore or upgrade or any thing . so I Email the website the I got the IOS 6 from and ask for help.

GOOGLE IT was the answer , we don’t know how to fix this error . !!!!! exactly

After few minutes, the asshole who runs the twitter account @iosregister tweets saying “those who are living under a rock, u need to update ur IPhone to ios 6 coz the beta is expired … and if your stuck you need to downgreade ur ios to 5.1 , I guess he actually forgot to tell people to look inthier crystal balls to know how to get that done .

10 hours of trial and error and jumping from one blog to another YouTube video and nothing works. Needless to say APPLE Support Sucks Monkey balls . usless  usless useless

Finally I get this video on YouTube and it explains everything by details. And finally the SHIT is over

1) you need to be admin on ur PC

2) download a file called TinyUmbrella from

3) download IOS 6 or IOS 5.1.1 framework from

4) follow the video