Orange: 4G Campaign in France

There’s almost been an Insta-everything over the last year, but this might still be a first, with Orange in France launching a new hi-speed network and creating ‘Instagallery’ to promote it. Instagallery which targeted influential instagramers, pulled their photos into staged galleries half a world away in Los Angeles, with short films made of awkwardly scripted comments being made on their photos from people walking through the galleries. Different but cool. What do you guys think?


Israel `s Ads calling for racism.

A camerawoman stands between a provocative “Pro-Israeli” ad and Egyptian-American activist Mona Eltahawy who is protesting against racism.

New Service Turns Your Facebook fan-Page Into Mobile App (Transforma sua página do Facebook em aplicativo)”

now this is something Personally i was looking for . Essentially this App will turn your Facebook page into a very simple mobile app and gives you an interactive online presence within a couple of clicks. Of course, there are some limitations with the service, but it fills a nice gap in the market and if you have a good Facebook page with lots of fresh engaging content, this is something that is worth trying out.

Estamos começando a viver em um mundo onde estão grande parte dos consumidores estão usando seus smart phones para encontrarinformações sobre empresas locais e manter-se atualizado com suas últimas novidades e ofertas.

No entanto, o grande problema com isso é que as empresas mais pequenas eos indivíduos não têm o  técnico, ou o orçamento para criar um Mobile site. Muitas dessas empresas de pequeno porte terá uma página no Facebook, porém, e um novo serviço chamado ( Page Mobilizer )