These are the Brands Using Instagram Effectively

Even though Instagram has only been around for almost two years, the site continues to explode in popularity, having  close to 100 million users. It was only a matter of time before the world’s biggest brands started getting in on the action and we wanted to profile 33 of the brands doing it effectively by producing great content and engaging with their followers. It’s a very visual platform so here are some of the companies using it best.

Red Bull

Followers: 357,000
Red Bull is always ahead of the pack when it comes to social media and its use of Instagram is no exception. More of a lifestyle brand than an energy drink, Red Bull posts striking, fun and action packed images to connect with its fans.


Followers: 120,000
With a mixture of iconic and modern shots of cars, Audi’s sleek photos bring across the idea that the automobile brand is one of luxury and style.


Followers: 394,000
Nike’s use of Instagram, while impressive, lacks the personalisation most other brand accounts have. A lot of its photos focus on showing off its NikeFuel and Nike+ products, or showing off its latest event. The images keep everything on-topic, but eyecatching or inspiring images are few and far between.

Tiffany & Co.

Followers: 120,000
Focusing on brand, Tiffany & Co shows off its latest jewelry, which works perfectly on the medium, as well as a few inspirational images here and there.


Followers: 801,000
Like Red Bull, Starbucks is pretty much on the ball when it comes to new media trends. showing off its products in interesting and vibrant surroundings means every update is always fun to look at. And following the #starbucks hashtag will show you a whole array of user-generated content.


Followers: 208,000
As well as featuring its own range, ASOS also uses a lot of user-generated content to help show off its wares.


Followers: 6,364
Considering the brand, it’s surprising that PepsiMAX hasn’t a larger follower base, but considering it’s updated every week and it’s content is quite irregular, it’s not as surprising as you think. from a mixture of promoting sporting events and its own drinks, its output tends to be mixed, but there are some good images placed there.



Followers: 865,000
With regular images of celebrities, MTV appeals to its target audience by throwing in updates about whoever is featuring to keep things fresh.


Followers: 354,000
Clothing brands are another business that’s finding a new home on Instagram and Forever201′s trendy and stylish fashion makes its inclusion an obvious one.


Followers: 22,000
A mixture of stylish clothing and breathtaking landscape images shows off what the company is about while keeping things on topic


Followers: 205,000
Unlike the other clothing brands, Topshop focuses more on action shots and keeping things light-hearted. creating a fun, personable brand account.

CNN iReport

Followers: 219,000
CNN’s account tends to feature both its own and crowdsourced photos. Through the hashtag #cnnireport, CNN filters through and selects the best ones to feature


Followers: 141,000
With the emphasis very much on luxury, Gucci concentrates on showing off its wares and throwing in celebrity photos for good measure. Unfortunately, it hasn’t updated its account in a while so it’s due a return.

General Electric

Followers: 123,000
Giving followers a glimpse into its research and technology, GE’s images are always interesting and wonderous to look at


#Instacube: A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos

launched just a few days ago, and already smashing through their $250,000 backing requirement,Powered by an Android OS, the Instacube is a 600×600 digital photo frame of sorts, connected to the world via your wireless network, and designed to constantly stream your Instagram feeds directly to the screen, coming complete with a button on the frame to ‘like’ your favourite photos.