Quintessentially. and the luxury

Well, as i was one day part of this huge network, i have to say that,it was one if THE most COOL job a person can ever have . yet unfortunately in KUWAIT, it just didn’t WORK. Kuwaitis are “majorty of the rich ones”just have no consideration for TIME or its Value. also the word VALUE is not part of their vocabulary !!! any way am not here to analys the kuwaiti consumer behaviour. am talking about  Quintessentially and this constant Layout change they have. Its always DAAAM Good. but its also TOOOOOO much info. but now they came across that  with this new website. but when you log on Quintessentially Group. you still get this Windows 8 too much info to digest 


Quintessentially Communications – a unique public relations agency

Quintessentially Communications – delivering communications and business development solutions to the luxury market. When you see this breathtaking video, you instantly get mesmerised, BUT is it all true ?  regardless. i have to say, i just LOVE the hard work done on their promotional and advertising material. its Unique