Orange: 4G Campaign in France

There’s almost been an Insta-everything over the last year, but this might still be a first, with Orange in France launching a new hi-speed network and creating ‘Instagallery’ to promote it. Instagallery which targeted influential instagramers, pulled their photos into staged galleries half a world away in Los Angeles, with short films made of awkwardly scripted comments being made on their photos from people walking through the galleries. Different but cool. What do you guys think?


Stunning New Advert Features A #Dancing Horse

This short film features a horse having a dance-off in a warehouse with various hot ladies. The creative is brilliant and the only thing that is nearly better is the music. So original and unique.There is a certain type of video that gets lots of shares online, but nail polish brand OPI has broken the mould and come up with something truly original.

: P&G’s Commercial Focusing on Moms and the Olympics Goes Viral and score big numbers


Last month, Procter & Gamble launched their first ever global campaign, “Thank You Mom.” The marketing plan includes the ‘Best Job’ commercial created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland, which features support and inspirational mothers on four continents raising their children to compete in Olympics. The campaign ties the commercial into TV, digital, mobile and social media.

The video currently has over 2.2 million views on YouTube and has been shared on Facebook over 1.2 million times. P&G created a Facebook page devoted to “Thank You Mom,” which has half a million fans so far. The page has incorporated a tab for people to publicly thank their own mothers. The campaign also features a “Thank You Mom” app where people can thank their moms by uploading personalized content (video, images, or text message) and then encourage friends and family to do the same.

The important thing to note about the campaign is that P&G is not pushing products through an offer or product display. Instead, P&G is sparking conversations with consumers to build brand relationships. P&G stated earlier this year that the brand plans to shift focus from products to people to build a community around the brand and the “Thank You Mom” campaign is their first step towards accomplishing this goal.


-The “Best Job” video has received 2,687,316 views on ProcterGamble’s channel thus far
-It has 17,599 likes and 271 dislikes
-1,534 comments have been made on the video
-P&G’s channel has 1,436 subscribers
-Viewers can click to submit their story on YouTube and are taking to a Facebook Tab in which they can write a personal message to their mom


-P&G’s “Thank you, Mom” page has 549,379 likes and 43,750 people talking about the page
-On the Thank you, Mom tab, there have been 5,842 moms thanked so far


-@proctergamble has 25,137 followers
-Klout score is 58, which indicates a relatively high level of influence amongst followers and its extended network

The World’s First Invisible Ad by AXE

seriously innovative digital work done in /Austrália ,the world’s first invisible ad installation using special LCD screens that can only been seen with polarised lenses. People passing by a street in Sydney were handed polarised glasses which unlocked the content of the invisible screens, upon which the visuals couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. And in typical Lynx fashion, the content was out there, with couples making out and random dogs swimming in a room of water!