what is #BigData and #wolframAlpha and why its better than #Google

Good bye search engines and welcome #wolframAlpha  ,

well here goes my wish becoming true ūüôā yes since I was a kid ( 20 years ago) I always look look at the computer as this magical machine that has all the¬†answerers¬†for all my¬†questions. and as i was so bad in¬†mathematics¬†and statistics , i was always hoping to find¬†answers¬†to formulas there .Now as the term Big Data became very much like the FASHION of this new info¬†connected¬†world,we now have this amazing internet tool

log on http://www.wolframalpha.com


How Much We Reveal About Ourselves online

In Brussels, Belgium, a clairvoyant named Dave invited random people to have their minds read. At first, he impresses all his visitors by revealing snippets of information about them, but then it gets a little darker as he starts revealing confidential information. Whatever you think of the big reveal, you have to admit that it’s a very effective way of hammering the message home.

#IPhone 5 absolute FAIL

Ok its the topic that ALLLLLLLLL the news chanels and the Tech blogs are talking about.the New IPhone5…Guess what , this one really made things a bit easier for¬†people¬†to SWITCH to¬†android.¬†There is no significant change or¬†innovation¬†in this new one. i have been trying IOS6 now and i cant stop beating my self every time i use this silly tomtom map application .